How To Watch

How to watch :

Look for the Yellow Text “Watch it here”

 How To Watch

See the encircled in the Image above? Click it and it will bring you where the videos are placed.


If you keep on downloading players :

You don’t have to download anything here. Just follow above on “How to Watch”


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  • pebbles

    whats happened with couchtuner. so many episodes of EACH show is missing

    • cha`

      mine too

      • Ray Ray

        same here, wish we could get the old site

        • Lee Sin ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          this isnt the real couchtuner website, real one is Couchtuner.EU , Couchtuner.ES , Couchtuner.COM, Couchtuner.CH

          • Ray Ray

            you are amazing, thank you so much!

          • Tess

            It’s ok, I used to watch that one all the time but That one doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of shows this one has.

    • George Cleaver

      so annoying all of the walking dead is gone

      • Harmya

        I almost said to u that it wasnt the case and went in to check… Your right! Half of the episodes are… gone :(
        Jeez, me too, wish we could get the old CouchTuner back!
        …scouting around to see if I can find a site like the old couchtuner, with clearer view with good series, recent one too… not full of dancing with I don’t know what, Bachelor and so forth! Jeez, those are reality show, wtf are they doing here!

        • Tess

          They all seem to be there now. Thanks so much CT, we really appreciate your site and all the work you do to let us veg out on free shows :)

  • couchtunerme

    database is being added momentarily, will be added soon, its about time

    • mendez east

      you gots some real troubles, here jimbo.

      • mendez east

        i gotta say, ive had a lot of frustrations with this site..
        im no whiz at computors, but i would not be suprised if someone slipped you an electronic mickey..
        [ala st. paddys day.]
        been downloading any porn lately,jim?

  • Donna Russ Runyon

    Looking to watch last night’s episode of SVU but it’s not here..only showing episodes that haven’t been aired yet

  • Johnhenry

    There are 3 episodes of Downton Abbey missing in season 3. Will they be posted soon?

    • couchtunerme

      All the episodes are available, please click on that particular season no to get the remaining episodes of the season

  • Johnhenry

    I got a reply almost right away. If you click on the episode number, it will bring up more episodes . Thanks couchtuner. Great site.

  • Johnhenry

    So I’m up to the season finale of Downton Abbey Season 3 , the Christmas Special. It is referred to as S3E09. I can’t find it on the list. Want to give me a hint couchtuner?

    • couchtunerme

      christmas special and episode 9 are the same episodes..enjoy!

      • Johnhenry

        I would love to enjoy. Where can I find episode09

  • Johnhenry

    Some of the shows that I try to access bring up a ” WRONG IP ” warning and won’t play even though I have gone through all the steps to access the show. I have even tried the other player in tabs. Any ideas?

  • Luanda-jane Milo

    Umm How do I login so I can watch the episodes

    • couchtunerme

      no need to log in to watch stuff here,

      • Eveliene Symonds

        Every time I go to start watching a show, it asks me to register. I do, and it says I’ve already registered, please log in. I see nowhere to log in, yet I can’t watch without doing that, apparently.

        • couchtunerme

          I’m sorry but where are you clicking, as you’d notice we have put up a “how to watch” guide here just above, there’s no need to log in for anything, just go there and hit the play buttion

  • giselle

    i want to watch Ray Donovan, but it’s asking me to create an account, i did and when i put in my credit card it rejected me, so now i can’ watch and what is bugging me is that I thought couch tuner is FREE

    • couchtunerme

      Did you actually go through the guide we’ve provide to watch stuff here? It’s all free. no need to sign ups, credit cards etc.
      Couchtuner never asks for your CC details
      Please read the how to watch (Help) page carefully.

      • giselle

        Hi I read it, but it still gives me a site to download it :Ilivid is the site name

        • couchtunerme

          If you click the link under yellow text (Watch It Here), it’ll take you to the other site page where you can watch your videos on the embed links,

          Ilivid must be the ad name,

          • Eleen

            I’ve done the same as giselle, and it takes you to another link to watch it but then requests that you register and create an acct with CC info…

            • couchtunerme

     only have to click the yellow text, and it takes you to another link where the videos are embed live and you can stream it for free, so no need of CC info and all…enjoy

              • Nancy Geldmeyer

                hello, i’ve clickd on it multipple time’s but nothing happens. I also tried to reload the page and trie again but nothing works. please helpme. I’m really hopelese i’m handicap and cant leave the house so much so couchtuner helps to mak my day more livebale, thanks and god bless.X

                • Tess

                  When you see the video, click the small “x” in the upper corner and then press play. Then you should be able to watch with no problem.

    • Jackie Daoud

      Just close the tabs

  • Judy Dougherty

    Why did I have to enter a credit card number?

    • couchtunerme

      where? there’s no need to use your CC, please go through “how to watch” guide carefully, it’s all free in here.

      • Christina

        I think someone has put an ad that is an exact copy of the episode video screen over the video screen and when you hit the play button it opens a new tab that says you have to register. It is all very confusing to us people who haven’t done this before. I took me a while to figure out that there is a little “X” on the picture to exit out of the ad and get to the real video screen. Plus, new windows keep popping up with game sites and such stuff… very annoying. and I ended up with a lot of junk on my computer that I had to remove and do a security scan because it was saying my computer was being attacked. I tried this site because I heard about it from a friend, but I’m not so sure it’s safe.

  • richard

    trying to watch revenge season 3 episode 16 but it says file deleted??

    • couchtunerme

      files have been fixed…enjoy

  • jon20013

    Is there a way to get better picture quality without having to download anything?

  • userme

    i cant find “Haven season 1″ and the rest of the previous seasons..Please tell me what to do

  • userme

    i can’t find “Haven Season 1″ and the rest of the previous seasons..Please tell me what to do.

  • userme

    i can’t find “Haven season 1″ and the rest of the previous seasons..please tell me what to do

  • Jackie Daoud

    Can’t get it to work on an android? Any suggestions?

  • Amy

    Every time I try to watch it wants my credit card deets, I’m not willing to do that…
    When I press on the other tab above it says file deleted, all I want to watch is orange is the new black?
    Any way of doing it without?

  • fatladysingin

    are you guts hacked or something this site is doing crazy stuff.

  • stacey79

    Just an FYI, 1 minute this site shows all seasons, the next minute only season 7 of burn notice… this site been messing up for a while now.. just curious if this issue will be resolved soon… thanks

  • Nicky

    This is rubbish what has happened??? y cant i view the shows

    • couchtunerme

      what you trying to watch? can i help you with something?

      • cha`

        yes you could. why are there only 5 episodes on each season on all the show? is there something wrong with the website? or am i the only one having troubles?

        • couchtunerme

          please check there is an option “Click here for more episodes” that will take you to the next page where all other episodes are listed,

          • Ray Ray

            what do you do if seasons are missing?

            • couchtunerme

              you report them and tell us which shows are

              • Ray Ray

                ever show with more then 3 series, and thank you for replying :)

  • cha`

    why are there only 5 episodes in each season on the big bang theory, family guy, the carrie diaries

  • Laura

    Hey couch,

    I use a mobile device which is why i stream here. Though since today there’s a malware showing on your website no matter which video, which provider. My mobile device is definitely not at cause, I checked, and besides, it’s very hard to infect as you should know. It’s Just watch out ok? In the meantime I regret having to go elsewhere…

  • Rose

    Hey, long time fan Couchtuner. But, your website does not have any episode up for certain titles or majority of the episodes are missing. I hope you get a chance to fix the situation.

  • miranda

    whats happening all the episodes of ANTM have gone?

  • Bannamer

    If you cant figure out how to use this website to watch the tv shows then you should not have any type of equipment to get online. YOU ARE DUMB

    • Mitzelflix

      I do know how to use this website. But I would like to say that some ads come up on the screen for other people and couch tuner has had a little trouble with someone trying to hack into it, so please be nice and other people that are worrying it will be okay they have a firewall and good people working on their side.

      • Bajois

        This is not the real couch tuner website. The real one ends with .eu
        Should help!

  • Rambling Rod

    When I click the link to watch an episode, no matter what show, avast antivirus flags it as malicious site for malware.

    • Anna Tique

      My Norton is doing the same thing.

      • couchtunerme

        Maybe Norton flagging out the pop up window which appears once per 24 hours, you can easily close down the pop up window without even closing down the whole site,

  • Nessa777

    some of the episodes no longer show – they only show when I play them on my Mac but not on my PC. Why is this?

  • Rick Fischler

    WOW!! Couch Tuner has CHANGED!!!

  • Rick Fischler

    It asked for MY CC!

  • Eat da flesh

    Where have all the seasons of Hot in Cleveland gone? It’s only showing season 5?!!

  • Balls

    Hey. I think this site is wonderful and amazing. I hate all these comments from people who can’t work a computer. It’s not your fault if content is removed. Watch the videos faster otherwise it will be gone within 3 days. Keep up the great work. And thanks for easy streams. I don’t even own cable anymore because of you guys.

  • Joe Petchey

    Can’t watch Game of Thrones as it says the files are deleted :( can someone help it would be appreciated, thanks.

  • Simone Martin

    Aarrgghhhh can’t watch them now. Only offering me season 14.

  • Randy Goins

    What has happened to couchtuner, it used to highlight what I have watched and shows are missing and they are in reverse list order now?

  • Randy Goins

    Haven only shows the fourth season, where is 1..2.3 ?

  • Jessie

    Make the video ads go AWAY!!! I can’t get rid of it and i can’t hear the shows!

  • Gabby

    Episodes 11 and 12, Season 5 of the Vampire Diaries are removed.. Please fix Couchtuner. Thanks!

  • Tess

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to run this site that allows us to watch many of our favorite shows. I am disabled and leave my house very rarely, and I don’t have tv so this site really is a blessing to me and my sanity. Thanks again and have a blessed day.

    • couchtunerme

      hey Tess
      thanks for wonderful comment,
      Enjoy your stay here,

      • Tess

        If there’s anything I can do to help you, please let me know. Thanks again and God bless.

  • Bannamer

    BROADCHURCH = GRACEPOINT. For all those shows that do well in the UK then some smart TV exec think it would translate for US audience errr NO,. I saw the previews for Gracepoint and it looks poop. US cant make a long lasting TV show to save there arse’s. They need one hour shows with all the trills and spills anything longer than that its just not heard of, maybe due to there lack of attention and inability to comprehend anything thats longer than 5 words long.
    So just for all you dummies out there. The main detective played by the amazing David Tennet his partners husband killed the boy on the boat cause hes a perv. I saved you all from taking your ADHD meds to say focused.
    Your welcome

  • Bannamer

    BROADCHURCH = GRACEPOINT. For all those shows that do well in the UK then some smart TV exec think it would translate for US audience errr NO,. I saw the previews for Gracepoint and it looks poop. US cant make a long lasting TV show to save there arse’s. They need one hour shows with all the trills and spills anything longer than that its just not heard of, maybe due to there lack of attention and inability to comprehend anything thats longer than 5 words long.

    So just for all you dummies out there. The main detective played by the amazing David Tennet his partners husband lilled the boy on the boat cause hes a perv. I saved you all from taking your ADHD meds to say focused.

  • MAX

    every time after I click “watch it here” it takes me to the video, but after I press play it takes me to a tab where it says I have to update my video player? I know it’s probably not legit, so how do I watch my show?

    • Lulu

      Me too :(

    • Mitzelflix

      There will be a small “x” by the play button, click that and then you can hit play. It is there as an ‘invisible’ advertisement.

  • Lulu

    Mine too MAX – I click “watch it here” in yellow txt and it tells me to update my video player which my security scanner objected to.

    • Graham

      Got the same problem. Anybody got any bright ideas

  • Me


  • Tess

    Hi, is anyone else having problems with about 50% of the videos! no matter which tabs used! blacking out! Any ideas on what could be wrong? Thanks and have a blessed day.

    • Ray Ray

      i can only get 3 seasons on every show :(

  • Bannamer

    Im surprised you have TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex). You should show more shows from the UK, They are far better.

  • Bob

    When I play a tv episode I get video and audio thats synced up. But 10 secs later, a second audio track of the show starts playing (2 audio tracks 10 secs apart). Even if I pause video, second audio track keeps playing. How do you fix this??

    • edgypeanuts

      Check the other tabs, likely one of them started a few seconds after the one you are watching. I wish they would make it so they cannot play automatically in the background like that.

  • Anna Tique

    Most videos I try to watch I get a message from Norton saying Malicious Web Attack ..and it closes the window. Also get messages saying that the Web Site is trying to install unsafe programs on my computer. There are so many pop up windows that I have to keep closing..some are “adult” only games. Not too happy with this site any more :(

  • Anna Tique

    I honestly appreciate that this site is here and that I can sometimes watch shows I enjoy. I don’t mind that not all the shows in a season are there and appear to be missing. What I am having problems with is that the only site that actually works for me will have pop ups saying that the site is trying to download malicious programs. I also have had pop up windows asking me for my personal information and a credit card which I did not do. I also have had what sounds like another show (audio) running in the background of some shows. There is no other show..just the sound. I cannot open ANY sites without other windows with ads or games opening up in the background ..some of them will not allow me to close the window and I have to completely close down the whole site and come back in as they “freeze” my computer. I think that the people running this site should listen to the users complaints. It is not just a few of us having problems. There appears to be a lot of us having the same thing happen. Would really appreciate a response to this comment from someone at CouchTuner. Just frustrating for me. :(

    • couchtunerme

      Thanks for the bringing the matter to our notice, we have forwarded the same to our advertisers agency who takes care of the ads on our site, we will surely take some action against it,

      Meanwhile Just a suggestion, whenever some pop up window appears you can easily close down the pop up window without closing down the whole site, best browser to use is google chrome who actually shows up pop ups in new tabs rather than new window.

      Let me know if it helps

      • Anna Tique

        Tried to watch Honey Boo Boo tonight and tried every player all kept going to pop up ads again. Socks takes me to an adult gaming site that you can’t close. Surely you can fix this! I appreciate being able to see the shows I want to see but honestly this is getting beyond frustrating having to open windows and close others 10 times or better just to watch one show! Please try to fix this problem. I am not the only one complaining about it here!

      • Bannamar

        I mentioned this probably 3 months ago and nothing has changed.
        And who watches Honey Boo Boo? The poster family that represents America, Have fun with the Spastic mingers


    It is asking for to sign up and a credit card, WHY ??? thought it was free and I am going through couch tuner.

    • Ray Ray

      try singing in with facebook, it did not ask for my credit card

  • Poppers

    Why do I hear ad’s playing while watching shows?

    • Ranya Abedelmalik


  • Ray Ray

    how do i get the old site back? i love but..why? it use to be so perfect and now i can’t even use it

    • Bajois is the correct site

  • Ray Ray

    Please could someone from tell me if i could get the old set up back, i can only get 3 seasons with the new one, the old one was soo perfect and i loved this site so much

    • couchtunerme

      there are all seasons listed, please tell us which particular shows you are referring to?

      • Ray Ray

        Originals, Blacklist, Grimm, Bitten, Hannibal and game of thrones are the one i watch with missing seasons, sorry to harp on but does this mean i can’t get the old set up back and thank you for making a great site to watch shows :)

  • Stephen Crow

    There is a ad on the play button so every time I press play it pops up a ad on another page and won’t play the show

    • couchtunerme

      pop ads are only because of the video hosts, you only have to carefully close them when they pop and resume your video

  • Bushrod

    What has happened, Nothing will stream properly, multiple say they have been removed due to bad content, previous watched episodes will not play or expand, all of The Walking Dead will not stream or danger/deleted notices come up, I have no idea what to now try, never had this problem b4, have tried various days & shows all with the same non result. Help !!

    • couchtunerme

      file hosts these days have become a lot active, they continuously remove the stuff for the report they receive, you just have to hit the report button and tell us the problem, and we’ll try to find another video for you..thanks.

  • Tru

    What’s happened to Vidto? It’s always been up with the other players but tonight it’s not on any of the 5 shows I watch on Sundays.

    • couchtunerme

      we are going to stick to these 4-5 hosts for a while, and will see how it goes from here, as we are looking to provide only the quality stuff, these 5 hosts stand above them all. just them a try

  • Glo Cecelia Lunjala

    i am having trouble downloading a video it keeps on asking me to register what should i do

  • Kelsey

    Young and Hungry, the first 6 are there but there’s been like 9 episodes! I’m in the UK and it’s out in America so I can’t catch up with it

    • couchtunerme

      there’s been like little bug with the categories listing, will be fixed in no time, BTW search section works perfectly, you can always find your way through it, enjoy!

  • Bannamar

    Way Way to many reality shows on here now it needs to be scaled back to what it use to be. I sure everyone else is a little frustrated with all the crap noone watches.

    • couchtunerme

      we are constantly improving the site, and to keep every one busy, we sometimes have to have everything on the site for the people to watch, its just getting better from here, as we don’t want to miss any of our visitors, and would like he/she to stay here forever

  • edgypeanuts

    I have enjoyed this site for awhile now and thank you very much for it!

    Is there any way to make the video ad in the upper right shut up or be silent? It restarts periodically and as I am watching on WiDi I have to go back to the laptop to pause the show to let the ad run and then back up the show to hear what I missed. It happens several times in an episode. Sometimes there is a turn off sound clickable at the bottom of the ad, but it is audible again the next time it goes off. (if I hover it comes up as if that helps any?)

  • Emily Williams

    I have always used couch tuner, but now when I click on the ‘watch here’- there are only two choices of video players and neither of them work for me. Vidbull or VKmobile usually do, but now they aren’t even an option :-(
    Help please couchtuner…?

    • couchtunerme

      VK source seems to have a lot of problem these days, thats why we stopped putting it, and the rest well we can only say these 4-5 hosts are better than those, keeping in mind the genuineness of the file won’t get any virus etc with these hosts

  • Evilangel

    On average, how long does it take you to fix broken vid pages? Are you only notified if someone reports a broken link?

    • couchtunerme

      yes, we get to know when someone reports it, that’s why we have placed it right below the player, so that you find any non working video, just hit the report button and tell us the problem

  • Tru

    I just want to say that I love couchtuner. I’m a single mom so I don’t always get to watch my favorite shows when they air. I do have a couple questions though, first why is there no link to vidto anymore? Why can you only watch the new episodes on the New Release tab. Outlander only shows the first episode and Defiance only shows the first 8 episodes, even though there are 11 more.

  • nae

    Hey im trying to watch the last two episodes of true blood 9 and 10 but they aren’t showing 10 will show if I click New releases but the links provided ain’t allow me to view it. Pls help I need my fix lol.

    • couchtunerme

      must be a little bug, will fix it soon..

  • Tess

    Hi Ct, would you please consider posting Mob Wives, Leanne and Eddie, and Couples Therapy? Thanks and have a blessed day :)

  • Ray Ray

    I recently rest set my computer and when it can back on this site was different, the working players were gone alone with the comments, seasons and what use to be such a simply, easy and fast way of getting the episodes was changed, is it still possible to get a link to the older version of, thank you for reading

  • Cathy

    Does Couchtuner not work on iPads? I’ve checked the help screen and followed it to the letter, but it still wants an account set up with credit card and such. What am I doing wrong?

  • Nancy Geldmeyer

    hello, i tried multipple times to click the text inside the red cirkel but nothing helps even reloading the page not, pleas help cant watch nothing without asking me to sing up and give my creditcard wich i wont do. please,please help me i would be so thankfull, have a blessed day everyone

  • Rick

    seems like they having some trouble… just hang in there guys…!!

  • Tina

    PLEASE help! How do I turn off those blasted ads on the upper right corner of the main page while a show is playing? They play over and over with no visible way to turn them off. Some have pause buttons, but then a new ad will inevitability come up and play while watching a show. Sometimes several in a row. I’ve looked at ad block but that doesn’t seem to help. I’m using Firefox if it makes a difference.

    Thank you!

  • robyn

    HI can someone tell me is Falling Skies got a final 13 ??? And has crossing the line got a 10. I have been waiting for both and nothing?

  • disqus_xgAQwQ0Sk2

    why is “Call the midwife” sometime shows up and sometimes its telling me that its not listed

  • kpellet2

    trying to watch Hell on wheels and it says all the files are deleted. Will they be fixed soon..???

  • Bajois

    Couchtuner – just to clarify, are you now removing earlier seasons of each series? For example, only the latest season of Family Guy is available to watch, season 12.

  • momofemma1410

    Can’t watch the final episode of season 7 on sons of anarchy it keeps saying file deleted? What do I do?

  • Jayjay Ann

    whats going on with this site?

  • Jayjay Ann

    this is getting annoying when I go to watch a show it start but then my whole screen goes white, and not all of the episodes are there? whats going on?

  • Lisa Barker

    Please help! I have apple mac and iPhone and it says file was deleted when I try to watch something. I note there is also only two players available. Have I not done something right?

  • David Smith

    Up to four days ago I used watch all TV on my iphonse5S and mirror onto my apple tv. After upgrading the dreaded IOS 8.02 I cannot watch anything. Any ideas for a none techy guy?

  • Cablefree

    Have had no trouble watching shows until now. When I select a show, next to “Watch it here”, it starts to load and then takes me right to iTunes! Help!

  • Cablefree

    No problem watching shows until now! When I select a show, next to “Watch it here”, it starts to bring up the show and then immediately takes me to iTunes!! Help!?

  • cay’s mommy

    how do i silence the invisible ad’s?
    you’re awesome, couchturner!

  • Tess

    Thanks so much Couchtuner. Y’all are awesome! We really appreciate all of the shows, and the fact that there are so many to choose from is great! Can you please bring Heartland back? I thought I recently watched one episode and I was so happy to get to see a newer one but now I don’t see any episodes, even under search. Am I just missing it or is it actually gone? Keep up the awesome work :)

  • Naz

    Hi Couchtuner, I’m new to this and trying to watch Arrow. i have followed all the instructions, but it keeps saying “WRONG IP!” I am in Singapore. Please can you help!?

  • Judy Green Chadwell

    how come the sons of anarchy are not working

  • b0nni3

    About halfway through some episodes the video freezes but the audio keeps playing…Am I the only one who’s had that happen?

    Thanks ッ

  • mz

    Justified Season 2 episode 5 — no video on the 2 players

  • Canine Marean

    HALF of all the episodes are gone.. WTF?