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Couchtuner is a Tv Streaming site.  Stream Tv by Searching your favorite TV series your looking for, If your using windows PC or laptop you can use “Ctrl + F” and type the title your looking for or you can simply click the letter that starts the title your looking for. All TV series available for you are listed below to watch. Watch Tv Shows Online. Enjoy!! Tv On the Internet For Free. Streaming Tv

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Talking Dead
Taxi Brooklyn
Teen Mom 2
Teen Wolf
The 100
The Affair
The Amazing Race
The Americans
The Assets
The Bachelor (AU)
The Bachelor Canada
The Bachelorette
The Bad Girls Club
The Betrayers
The Big Bang Theory
The Biggest Loser
The Blacklist
The Boondocks
The Borgias
The Bridge US
The Carrie Diaries
The Client List
The Code (AU)
The Comeback
The Cosmopolitans
The Crazy Ones
The Divide
The Driver
The Fall
The Flash
The Following
The Fosters 2013
The Game
The Game (UK)
The Glades
The Goldbergs
The Good Wife
The Goodwin Games
The Great Fire
The Haves and the Have Nots
The Honourable Woman
The Hotwives of Orlando
The Killing
The Knick
The Last Ship
The League
The Leftovers
The Legend of Korra
The Listener
The Lottery
The McCarthys
The Mentalist
The Michael J. Fox
The Middle
The Mill
The Millers
The Mimic
The Mindy Project
The Missing
The Musketeers
The Mysteries Of Laura
The Neighbors
The Newsroom
The Night Shift
The Only Way Is Essex
The Originals
The Paradise
The Passing Bells
The Quest
The Real Housewives Of Atlanta
The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
The Real Housewives of New Jersey
The Real Housewives of New York City
The Real Housewives of Orange County
The Secrets
The Simpsons
The Sorrentinos
The Strain
The Stuarts
The Tomorrow People
The Vampire Diaries
The Village
The Voice (US)
The Walking Dead
Those Who Kill
Top Chef
Top Gear (US)
Total Divas
Town of the Living Dead
Transporter: The Series
Trophy Wife
True Blood
True Detective
True Tori
Two And A Half Men


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  • Spartacus903

    The VK Source seems to be gone from every series. Seeing as its the only one that works for me, i guess i wont be watching anything.

    • Bryan

      VK has been shutting down for me halfway into the show I am watching.. and I also get virus warnings from Norton.. It being gone is probably for the best

  • sss

    you changed everything that did not need changig. great job

    i guess couchtuner is approaching the end of its utility

    iff to find a new website i guess

    • Ragnar Lothbrok is just as good as this site

    • kinkinaan

      Try it is much better as it has a wider variety, and better links!

  • deja

    please add bring it on lifetime to the site please!!

  • emc

    why is it all changed?! the new format is annoying, don’t even remember where I’m up to in multiple shows, and theres no name of the episodes, can’t remember that many numbers @.@ argh…

    • Diana Rose

      agreed. Please bring back the old format.

    • Bianca Arlette

      Go to That one still has the old formatting.

    • Phily Kenneally

      because this isnt couchtuner its a clone site the real couchtuner is .eu .ch only

    • aviewfromafar

      Did you know that is also maintained by Couch Tuner? They tweeted it.

    • Anon, .me is a clone.

  • aviewfromafar

    Couch Tuner plz look out for Outlander. A new series in August. Looks so awesome. It has old style like Turn, Vikings, DaVinci’s Reign. etc…

    • Marseille

      I agree with you aviefromafar! 100 Percent agree. It will be a fantastic historical adventure that I also would be very greatful to CT if they post it. The US premiere is August 9th!

  • Zory

    Can you please add Hit The Floor to the tv play list please?

  • Connor Ðonnelly

    can u please put the other seasons of south park on

  • Kat (writingkat)

    Would love to see the BBC show ENDEAVOR on Couchtuner! Just saying!

    • couchtunerme

      Endeavour’s been added to the list now

  • scirloc

    This sites gone to fook

  • Mikeyeng

    What have they done to the listings , its completely destroyed

  • NoodleMan

    Drugs Inc, Amazing ass show

  • duck

    Anyone able to post WEEDS? all seasons?

  • Emma salvatore

    Why has couchtuner deleted former season to shows and all the comments :(

    • Phily Kenneally

      because it a clone of the real site

  • giovanna

    Yes they should its anoying I need to knoe the name of the episodes I lost track :( !!!!!!!

  • aviewfromafar

    Somethings wrong with half of page on last 2 shows added. Cant click on right side. I couldn’t even post. Weird. @couchtuner

  • cvee

    It’s irritating how many of the episode links that just don’t work anymore or stop halfway through the episode… Or worst yet it will quit playing ten minutes before the end… Grrrrr what the helllllllll i love couch tuner but this is irritating

  • Grace Johnson

    Could you add young and hungry and mystery girls from abc family?? If you an thanks !

  • manrival

    we need the BBC’s “Black Mirror” and “Hex” added. GET ON IT!!!

  • Daniyal Ashraf

    Some episodes missing from the fourth season of the walking dead

    • kinkinaan

      try it its much much better

  • disqus_trCCOCJOvs

    Couchtuner you must get Finding Carter!

    • couchtunerme

      it’s already up. plz check the home page..

  • corey

    please upload the regular show, and street fighter asassins fist

  • Chrissy Meisner

    Please add Girl Meets World

    • couchtunerme

      It’s on the list.. Check now

  • corey

    is there anything on here like teen wolf?? preferably without vampires.

  • corey

    upload outrageous fortune!! excellent show

  • Tess

    Great site and we appreciate all that you do for our entertainment. May I request the show “Heartland” ? Thanks and have a blessed day.

  • Grace Johnson

    Could you add Americas got talent? And/or welcome to swedan?

    • couchtunerme

      welcome to Sweden is already up, will try for america’s got talent too

      • Grace Johnson

        Thanks :) love the website and reccomend it a lot !!

  • RM850

    How do you not have VD on here?

  • corey

    how can you have adventure time but not the regular show?

  • gamesun

    Anyone know what happen to the other seasons of 24?

  • CRV

    The last ship…great show so far! Great to see “McSteamy” in another good series after he left greys anatomy!

  • disqus_l5wdDe4oKU

    Please add Rome!

  • Faye

    Could you pls get the second season of East Los high from hulu thanks

  • Arena C Evans

    just want to say thank you i love your site i use everyday i don’t believe in cable because i hate being advertised to. your site with the add blocker it in my opinion the best one on the web. so keep up the good work and thanks again.

    • couchtunerme

      Enjoy your stay here…

  • Arena C Evans

    Maybe you could add the discovery channel show Naked and Afraid im dying to watch it and they other sites i’ve tried to watch it on are just a headache.

    • couchtunerme

      Sure. We’ll add soon to the list.!

      • dana

        are you aware that so many episodes are missing,even seasons of some shows,could you upload everything instead of just some episodes

        • jennyctc

          Are you aware that they are busy trying to do lots of shows and can’t please everyone?…You can upload your own shows if you are so impatient…damn lady, let couchtunerme do their work

  • dana

    everything is different,lots of episodes are missing and the ones that do exist are unorganized and some are repeated and there aren’t enough players. could you please fix it

  • Stan olejarczyk


  • Stan olejarczyk

    can up add

  • Stan olejarczyk

    can you add episode 12 for this show 24: Live Another Day

  • Katie

    Love this website! Anyway you can add Heartland? :)

  • Guest

    The Brits produced a “Channel 4″ show called “Utopia” that I think would be a nice addition.

  • Guest

    Please add “Who Do You Think You Are” & “Long Island Medium” from TLC.
    Thank you for the site

  • anonymous

    There is a show called Cleaners could you please add it to the list of shows.

  • BigNick

    I have a big problem…perhaps you can help? I had to reformat my PC a few days ago and since then, all hell broke loose on this site; displays and links are all off, every series was nice and tidy; Season 1 epidode 1 on the very bottom of the page, and “this week’s episode” right there at the top…picked my episode in 1 click, had several sources for each episode…

    Now, it’s all messed up; for many shows, I can only see the last season, some shows are lined up “bottom to top”, some “top to bottom”, I can only see a few episodes for each season and need to “click for more episodes”, many episodes offering one or two sources (when I know for a fact there used to be 6 or 8 sources), missing episodes within a season, with episode titles missing…what the heck have I done???

    There are litterally hundreds of streaming sites and couchtuner is (or should I say “was”) my very favorite one despite a more “limited” selection” compared to “user unfriendly” monsters like ProjectfreeTV, CT’s awesome advantage being the UI, nice and tight, 1 click away from the episode you want, everything laid there, straightforward, in order, and I used to gladly recommend it for that very reason…I hate having to click here for more, click there to go back, having access to only one or two seasons per show…

    Can you tell me what I touched or messed up? What do I need to fix to get the Couchtuner “I know and love” back please?

  • Guest

    Couch tuner can you please add golden boy!! With theo James from divergent that would be amazing pleaseeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WTF


  • waffle12345


  • Amanda Hager

    Can you add the latest episode of pretty little liars please!

  • Marvel99

    Can you please add The Office US please

  • Marvel99

    Can you please add The Office US version please

    • ertre

  • Amanda Hager

    new episodes used to be uploaded the next day now its taking weeks, what’s going on?

    • Anon

      .me is fake, use .eu or

  • Coco01

    @couchtunerme:disqus can you please upload the wolf watch series 0.0 i love couchtuner btw dont ever stop it! p.s Dont forget to upload wolf watch!

  • Erin

    I’ve been having some difficulties with my Pretty Little Liars I have seen discussions on here about the most recent episodes and all I can get is Episode 1-8 on Season Five if anyone has any advice please let me know thank you!!!

  • peteror19

    Pretty please could you add Prison Break i really want to start watching it after many recommendations off friends

  • XenonBrewing .

    it seem the newest episode S8E1 of doctor who was accidently replaced with the pre aired S8E0

  • Ari

    Can you please add Rupauls drag race? :D I’m kind of obsessed wirh it at the moment^^

  • Starsandplanes1

    Hey couchtunerme! Thanks for the awesome shows! What do you think about adding King of Speed from the BBC? Please? I really like that show. Have you seen it? It’s good. Thanks for considering it.

  • emily

    Can u add biggest loser to the list its my favorite

    • couchtunerme


  • Silke Van der Veken

    I can’t find Torchwood anymore, where is it?

  • Jays

    Can you add dancing with the stars? If not your still the best :)

    • couchtunerme

      added now

    • Harmya

      Why can’t u go watch that on YouTube! It’s really cheezy to have all those mess up here!

  • Justine Frizzy

    Why isn’t Wentworth on here!!!!

  • Anna Maria McCartney

    where did necessary roughness go?


    can you guys put all the seasons of dancemoms?

  • miks

    really love this website! no hassle at all. i give you an A+

  • Pete

    is anyone else getting a bunch of ads playing while watching a show? i cant figure out where its coming from? happens every time i try to watch something. i can hear it…just can;t see it. :(

  • Mariaxoxstar

    Hey can you add American gypsies about the 4 brothers in New York!!!!!!!!! Plzzzzzz

  • Professional Account

    What’s up with all the changes? The new page layout does not flow at all. You’ve got the oldest seasons at the bottom the newest epies at the top. Criminal Minds doesn’t even have a new season set up yet. Have you considered a separate page for all the cancelled shows? Your website has been a staple for me the last two years, but it is increasingly difficult to navigate and isn’t updated as fast as your competition. That makes me sad. I hope all is okay with team admin and the lag isn’t because of someone having issues. Just my thoughts.. peace out.

    • Professional Account

      I meant… the newest seasons at the bottom of the list and episodes listed that haven’t even aired yet so we have to scroll forever to get to the most recent episode.

  • Hannah

    Could you please if possible get the show Veronica Mars on here? There is 3 seasons.

  • CTFan

    If anyone managing this site reads this, the old way of watching the shows were a lot better, nowdays i cant even get around anymore i watch like over 10 shows on this site, and i cant really remember at witch season and episod i am at each show, so most of the times if i dont check in daily i miss out episodes and wonder when did that happen?
    also now that u cant even find the full list of seasons and episods under the season sucks, cuz i maybe want to start watching a new show from begining, its all messed up seasons are not in order like season 1 then season 4 or something, episode 1,2,3,6,5,4 i mean like wtf, please fix it for more easier and simple way to get to this , i am concidering downloading th shows instead of watching them here , this site was great, still is, but you got to fix the way to interact with it!
    Thank you!

    • Harmya

      I really agree… it’s messy and full of messy series! Pfff wtf… Dancing with stars?! Really! Frankly, it’s horrible. Me neither, can’t find what I was watching, and seeing all those rubish kind of make me wonder where I could find a good site with recent good stuff, like it was before here!

  • CTFan

    Also before making changes like thse you should asthe community for a vote if they want changes, just saying…

  • CTFan

    maybe one more thing you could make an option that u can follow the show and if it has an ew episone it lets you know, checking in daily for new episodes for ~20 shows really tiering , thank you :)

  • Jake

    Is it possible for you to get Witchblade, Human Target & XIII: The series?

  • Tyrone Turner

    How about adding Poltergeist; The Legacy? Never got to finish it and no one has it.

  • tony

    this is a great site. if I miss the shows on ABC, I have to wait a week to watch them because of some beef ABC has with Time Warner, so keep up the great work

  • Courtinay

    I hate how some shows don’t have season 1 or 2 and they like start at season 3… so annoying

  • jazmine jay

    Your site is so good. Thanks so much. Please don’t forget to post Survivor. And if you have Love & Hiphop ATL Season 2 could you pls put that up? I got into it from watching Season 3 on your site. Keep up the good work.

  • Max

    Can u guys add naruto

  • boxochocs

    Thanks for the great site! Project Runway Season 13 Ep. 13 (part one). Any chance that this episode will be posted here? Many thanks…

  • HuKillinit

    I need some Kenny Powers! Eastbound and Down, please!

  • HuKillinit

    I’m new here so, can anyone tell me how long it takes new Walking Dead episode to appear? Will I be able to stream it live?

  • elizbet

    Where is American Horror Story season 4 episode 2 ? came out like a week ago and stillnot here please put that episode thank you very much

  • Harmya

    Same here! This new format is a mess! And a bif one 2!

  • Couchfan123

    What’s happened to Episode 4 of NCIS and NCIS: NOLA?

  • Terry

    Thanks for a great website. I have a problem in getting sound for season 1 episode 2 of Endeavour: can anybody help please, I have tried the different players

    Thank you

  • Jasmine

    COUCHTUNER I would like to commend you on your work, its brilliant I have tried so many other websites with fees, so thankyou for making this page it means a lot to many people. for all those complainers please stop whining its a free watch tv show page that cant have everything. go and join a website with heaps of fees and costs. Stop being selfish don’t attempt to change a website with no flaws okay some episodes are missing big whoop.

    • David Peterson

      there are many free alternatives, such as primewire

  • CRV

    Just wondering if anything from this week has posted yet? Thot maybe some shows just didn’t air but every new episode so far for this week hasn’t posted… For me anyway :-/. Revenge, walking dead, homeland, downton abbey.

    • CRV

      Never mind…found them on the new release page! Thanks CT!

    • couchtunerme

      everything is added, may be the pages are cached at your place, try clearing your browser cache or hit the ctrl+f5..always check the homepage for newest releases..

  • EB

    People Go To

  • cathoubiss

    Can you upload the 4 seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Thx!

  • Nowler

    This format is horrible! I cannot find where I am on shows now. here I come

  • Blair

    where is New Girl and Mindy?

  • Blair

    Where is the Mindy project?????

  • Missy NightShade

    Heyy what happend? Criminal minds barley gets updated anymore!!!!

    • couchtunerme

      chrome doesn’t have any issue i guess, guys you need to clear browser
      cache, this is the problem arising with other browsers, clear browser
      cache or hit ctrl+f5 at the category page to get the latest updates,

  • Rory

    Please get Olive Kitteridge

    • couchtunerme

      olive kitteridge all 4 parts are added.

  • fuk

    what the fuck. i can only find two seasons of the Simpsons now.

  • Harmya

    Heu… suggestion:

    Why can’t u make a section/page for all the reality shows and co? Especially for all the stuffs such as; Dance with I don’t know what… USA top models, Survivors, that farm thing (with that crapy decolorated blond girl, who has only one quality; being rich! don’t even remember her name) etc etc…

    And maybe also a section/page for all those old series… If there’s people willing to watch that!

    It will at least give us back the 1st page we had??? Just an idea…

  • Heather MacDonnell

    Lost History? And the other Brad Meltzer shows (Decoded) would be awesome!

    • couchtunerme

      will be added in a bit.

      • Harmya

        waouh, another lost 4 us!

  • B-roll

    why did Heartland get taken off??

  • David Peterson

    thanks for removing 24. never coming back

    • Harmya

      Ur kidding right? They removed it to add what? USA last top model or I don’t know how they call it! Jeeez, it’s going down the drain!

  • Harmya

    Why all the changes…to add crap mind u! Anyway, it seems Couchtuner doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what “we” say regarding the changes. They just don’t care! I don’t get it… why did they decided to do what they did…
    Bon, je ferais mieux d’aller me coucher illico presto… :( j’suis raide!