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Couchtuner is a Tv Streaming site.  Stream Tv by Searching your favorite TV series your looking for, If your using windows PC or laptop you can use “Ctrl + F” and type the title your looking for or you can simply click the letter that starts the title your looking for. All TV series available for you are listed below to watch. Watch Tv Shows Online. Enjoy!! Tv On the Internet For Free. Streaming Tv

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  • Spartacus903

    The VK Source seems to be gone from every series. Seeing as its the only one that works for me, i guess i wont be watching anything.

    • Bryan

      VK has been shutting down for me halfway into the show I am watching.. and I also get virus warnings from Norton.. It being gone is probably for the best

  • sss

    you changed everything that did not need changig. great job

    i guess couchtuner is approaching the end of its utility

    iff to find a new website i guess

    • Ragnar Lothbrok is just as good as this site

    • kinkinaan

      Try it is much better as it has a wider variety, and better links!

  • deja

    please add bring it on lifetime to the site please!!

  • emc

    why is it all changed?! the new format is annoying, don’t even remember where I’m up to in multiple shows, and theres no name of the episodes, can’t remember that many numbers @.@ argh…

    • Diana Rose

      agreed. Please bring back the old format.

    • Bianca Arlette

      Go to That one still has the old formatting.

    • Phily Kenneally

      because this isnt couchtuner its a clone site the real couchtuner is .eu .ch only

  • aviewfromafar

    Couch Tuner plz look out for Outlander. A new series in August. Looks so awesome. It has old style like Turn, Vikings, DaVinci’s Reign. etc…

    • Marseille

      I agree with you aviefromafar! 100 Percent agree. It will be a fantastic historical adventure that I also would be very greatful to CT if they post it. The US premiere is August 9th!

  • Zory

    Can you please add Hit The Floor to the tv play list please?

  • Connor Ðonnelly

    can u please put the other seasons of south park on

  • Kat (writingkat)

    Would love to see the BBC show ENDEAVOR on Couchtuner! Just saying!

    • couchtunerme

      Endeavour’s been added to the list now

  • scirloc

    This sites gone to fook

  • Mikeyeng

    What have they done to the listings , its completely destroyed

  • NoodleMan

    Drugs Inc, Amazing ass show

  • duck

    Anyone able to post WEEDS? all seasons?

  • Emma salvatore

    Why has couchtuner deleted former season to shows and all the comments :(

    • Phily Kenneally

      because it a clone of the real site

  • giovanna

    Yes they should its anoying I need to knoe the name of the episodes I lost track :( !!!!!!!

  • aviewfromafar

    Somethings wrong with half of page on last 2 shows added. Cant click on right side. I couldn’t even post. Weird. @couchtuner

  • cvee

    It’s irritating how many of the episode links that just don’t work anymore or stop halfway through the episode… Or worst yet it will quit playing ten minutes before the end… Grrrrr what the helllllllll i love couch tuner but this is irritating

  • Grace Johnson

    Could you add young and hungry and mystery girls from abc family?? If you an thanks !

  • manrival

    we need the BBC’s “Black Mirror” and “Hex” added. GET ON IT!!!

  • Daniyal Ashraf

    Some episodes missing from the fourth season of the walking dead

    • kinkinaan

      try it its much much better

  • disqus_trCCOCJOvs

    Couchtuner you must get Finding Carter!

    • couchtunerme

      it’s already up. plz check the home page..

  • corey

    please upload the regular show, and street fighter asassins fist

  • Chrissy Meisner

    Please add Girl Meets World

    • couchtunerme

      It’s on the list.. Check now

  • corey

    is there anything on here like teen wolf?? preferably without vampires.

  • corey

    upload outrageous fortune!! excellent show

  • Tess

    Great site and we appreciate all that you do for our entertainment. May I request the show “Heartland” ? Thanks and have a blessed day.

  • Grace Johnson

    Could you add Americas got talent? And/or welcome to swedan?

    • couchtunerme

      welcome to Sweden is already up, will try for america’s got talent too

      • Grace Johnson

        Thanks :) love the website and reccomend it a lot !!

  • RM850

    How do you not have VD on here?

  • corey

    how can you have adventure time but not the regular show?

  • gamesun

    Anyone know what happen to the other seasons of 24?

  • CRV

    The last ship…great show so far! Great to see “McSteamy” in another good series after he left greys anatomy!

  • disqus_l5wdDe4oKU

    Please add Rome!